Optimization of Supply Chain risks thanks to Anaplan

COVID-19 has placed the supply chain in the centre of the attention, reminding everyone of its strategic role in a globalised economy. If the beginning of the crisis in China underlined the dependence of Western countries on what had become the world’ factory, the extension of the pandemic to all countries generated a simultaneous crisis of supply and demand revealing the limits of the current Supply Chain models and the capacity for companies to control their risks.

Faced with this reality, it has become essential for companies to use collaborative, reactive and forward-looking tools that allow them to quickly project the impact of disruptive events on their Supply Chain and to offer concrete, operational and competitive alternatives.

Thanks to Anaplan, we are convinced that it is now possible to model the supply chain in all its complexity, to observe its evolution in a dynamic way and to optimise it in terms of both performance and risk and to react effectively to crisis situations.

Find out how KYU and Atkan have leveraged the Anaplan platform and its Optimizer module to offer a solution to this challenge, which is at the core of corporate resilience, and listen to the enlightened opinion of Michel Josset, Director of Insurance, Prevention and Real Estate at Faurecia and Chairman of the AMRAE Damage Commission.

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