ETC Group: Business autonomy – Promise kept with Anaplan!

Maxime Firth, head of management control at ETC Group started a project on Anaplan within an industrial group in 2016.
In this highly decentralized structure with few IT resources, the project was driven entirely by the line of business.

The experience acquired with a previous technology meant that the projects had to be supported by an internal transfer of skills on the application.
With the support of Atkan, a balance was found between the rapid progress of the project and the increase in autonomy thanks to a co-development approach.

Following this success, he naturally chose the Anaplan platform when he joined ETC Group in 2020.
Maxime and his team were able to develop the different models required for their industry in agile mode and in complete autonomy.

During this session, you will learn how the head of controlling at ETC Group became completely autonomous on Anaplan after a transfer of skills from his partner Atkan.

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